Are you one of those folks who enjoys grabbing a drink on the way home especially on a Friday after a long week? Maybe you like to have a glass of wine while you're making dinner at home.

Living in Downtown Lansing I like the fact that I can walk to many fine bars and restaurants in the area for happy hour and an appetizer. Places like Moriarty's Pub, The Nuthouse Bar and Grill, or maybe pizza and a beer at Arts Pub.

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It may get a bit tougher to get cocktails in the Lansing area or even at the liquor store. The reason is the higher cases of the Omicron variant, and of course, the help needed at Michigan’s liquor distribution centers. This according to and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

A Bit Of Advice To Liquor Stores

The MLCC advises ordering larger quantities of liquor to help ease the problem of staff shortages. Maybe instead of stores ordering half cases to order full ones instead.

Businesses purchased more than $1.8 billion in liquor in 2020 from the state, to sell to their customers, according to MLCC data. If staff shortages delay distribution the MLCC recommended buying from local liquor stores and retailers to fill in the gaps. Businesses can buy up to 120 liters of spirits from liquor stores in a calendar year.

Don't Run To The Liquor Store

Don't panic though and run out to buy more liquor than your need.  At this point, the MLCC doesn’t predict there will be a shortage of liquor in your favorite grocery store or party store shelves.

I was at the Meijer Capital City Market last night and they look to have plenty as you can see below.


Cheers and please drink responsibly.

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