A few weeks ago, Indiana updated their welcome signs to the state, and the reception was... mixed... to put it politely. Formerly known as "The Crossroads of America," and "Lincoln's Boyhood Home," the state has adopted a new welcome slogan... "More to Discover in Indiana."

The problem is, they did a terrible job of designing the signs, and the internet has some opinions.

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The new signs seem to resemble a license plate in some regards, with "More to Discover" written in yellow cursive script at the top, and "est. 1816" below the State name. But it's THAT line that is the most ridiculous part of these signs.

It's like the sign has a stutter. "In-Indiana." And if you're driving past these signs at 70 mph, you'll barely read any other part of the sign except that. It genuinely looks like they made a mistake... which they did, by changing from "The Crossroads of America."

That was perfect! Indiana is a MAJOR hub for highways, right in the middle of nearly every major shipping highway in the country. The Indianapolis Highway system is essentially a giant roundabout for semis and shipping containers to distribute across the country.

WHY would they change this?

Well, it has been the same sign for a number of years, and could have used an update. So, we came up with what we thought might be some better options for Indiana to use as their new welcome signs that are FAR better than "More to Discover In Indiana."

Alternate Slogans For Indiana's new Welcome Signs

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