The was certainly already a law to enforce if someone was catch stealing packages from a porch.  Petty theft, grand larceny, ya know, something like that.  But as we know laws don't stop criminals.  However, tougher laws may reduce the number of brazen and unabashed poaching that take place more and more from porches.  The Ring doorbell and other similar devices have had an effect but the consequences need to be stronger.

According to, legislators have approved a new bill that makes stealing from people's porches a punishable crime at the state level.  The first time someone is caught they could spend up to a year in jail and the second time they're caught it becomes a felony.  The authors of the new bill felt like there needed to be some "meat" behind the law or the benefits will continue to outweigh the costs.  Now if we can only get this new information to the porch pirates.


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