If you are a fan of any of the many different flavors of "Mountain Dew" be on the lookout for yet another new flavor,  "Dew S.A."

This flavor is actually three in one as it combines one of my all time favorite "Dew" flavors, "Code Red" with "White Out" and "Voltage".

Now I have backed off in recent years on my "Code Red" fix, but having tried this new flavor I can say that you notice the "Code Red" in it.

The other two I have never tried so I can't really say what they add to this new flavor.   I do like this new flavor and it is up there with the regular "Dew", "Code Red" and "Livewire" as my favorites.

It is a different "Dew" but if your a fan you will want  to check it out.   It has been turning up in stores over the past week and should be everywhere in May.

Tried it yet?  What do you think?

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