If you are a fan of candy stores and different kinds of soda get excited as Rocket Fizz is coming to Kalamazoo. 

According to M-Live,  Rocket Fizz is set to open in Kalamazoo in early June at 119 E. Michigan.

I have heard of the franchise but never had the chance to visit one until My wife and I checked out the only one in Michigan so far in Novi.

It is a candy and soda lovers paradise.   If you can think of a soda flavor they probably have it.    From the regulars like cola and root beer, to the strange flavors like grass, dirt, bacon and martian poop.

They also have flavors that feature famous people like Judge Wapner, Fidel Castro, Osama Bin Laden and Snooki.  There has even been a Kiss flavor of cola that has been released through the franchise.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

Along with the sodas and candy, they have various novelties and even vintage concert posters.

This is a cool store and I am excited to hear the news that we are getting one in Kalamazoo.  I'm already saving up to load up on a twelve pack  when they open this summer.

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