It's a common theme these days and a common topic of discussion.  What businesses will have survived now that we are reopening.  Several have already announced their demise and we can only feel for them.

There is also curiosity as to whether the businesses that do come back will also get their employees back.  There's conjecture that many might not return to work due to the fact that the enhanced unemployment compensation is more than they were making while working.  What if these businesses open but can't find employees right away?  The unemployment checks won't last forever so time will tell.

In the meantime, while we wait to see where we'll still be able to go and eat and or drink, there are businesses, specifically restaurants and bars that are hiring.  One of them is Buddy's Pizza who has taken over the Old Chicago Pizza location on S. Westnedge just North of I 94.  Not only are they hiring but they are looking for over 100 people to fill various positions.  That's a big hire for any business.

I can't help but feel optimism as we come out of the cave into a strange new world.  Sure there will be many things that will be different; especially the way we interact with one another.  This a great community that was teaming with job opportunities before the virus shut everything down.

I'd like to believe that we can get back to a reasonable employment level as major businesses like FedEx may still be setting up shop in Portage and hiring 900 workers.  And who knows what other businesses will make the smart choice to come to the Kalamazoo area.

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