Jeff Gutt has been the singer for Stone Temple Pilots for only a few months now, but he's already got someone creeping on his position at the microphone, and the kid has youth on his side! At a show in Tempe, Ariz. over the weekend (Mar. 10), the band brought up a nine-year-old to sing on the band's classic "Dead and Bloated," a video of which can be seen above.

"This is Vedder everybody, he's gonna sing with us, you guys gotta help him out with the beginning," Gutt says, before letting everyone in on the fact that he actually knows the youngster. "He's a good friend of mine. I grew up with his dad actually, they happen to live in Arizona. There's my old roommate over there," he added, pointing out into the audience. "This is crazy, I know so many people...this is awesome."

"Dad, where the hell have you been," says bassist Dean DeLeo to laughter from the audience.

It was no joke once the song kicked in though, as young Vedder absolutely slayed the track, drawing awe-inspired looks from the band and enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. At one point, guitarist Robert DeLeo stops playing, unable to concentrate from a clear case of "I can't believe this is happening" amazement. Dressed in a camouflage jacket and sparkly pants, Vedder hardly misses a beat throughout his time in the spotlight.

"He's takin' my job," Gutt jokes after the performance. "That was amazing. Thank you for joining us," adds Robert DeLeo.

Stone Temple Pilots recently kicked off their first major tour Gutt. Our recap from their triumphant opening night in Santa Clarita, Calif., can be found here. All of the band's scheduled tour dates that have been announced for 2018 can be viewed at this location.

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