Here's a man you want to work for. Specifically, in this example, former K-Wing Lou Nisker. Nisker's Slap Shot Hockey Bar at Drake Rd. and West Main posted a message on Facebook Monday.

"The majority of our staff will be receiving their second Covid vaccine this Thursday! While we are super excited to all get vaccinated this means depending on side effects we MAY have to close Friday April 9th to allow our employees some time to rest up! We will keep you updated and hope to still be open Friday to serve you up some delicious burgers!"

Now, that's the way to run a business and take care of your employees. Not just talkin' the talk.... And the comments on Facebook support just that.

Commenter Brian maybe said it best: "Close if necessary. Be safe. The customers will return."

Commenter Pam said, "Caring for employees is the sign of very good leadership."

Like any business, you can tell as soon as you walk in, which are the businesses that respect their employees and vice versa.

It makes a difference, both as an employee and as a customer, when you see something like this. From the employee perspective, you know the boss has got your back, which is good under any circumstance. And from a customer's perspective, it shows both caring for the employees, (which should lead to a better dining/drinking experience) and for the safety of those customers.

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With the current big spike in Michigan in Covid cases, this is also a positive sign, as government leader tell us as soon as more people get vaccinated, and we reach a specific percentage level, it could be the first step in getting back to a "real normal."

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