Having very short hair for a very long time, it's understandable that I would forget how thick my hair is when it grows out. Since part of my year-long spending fast is "no haircuts," I have been forced to deal with the many horrible stages of growing my hair out. Not only have I been looking less than kempt, I keep freaking out that there are bugs on my neck when it's just my hair, and I am going through confusing shower moments with my shampoo and conditioner; how much is too much? too little? perfect ratio? There was one such shower moment where I didn't realize I hadn't rinsed all of the shampoo out and ended up at work with a matted down patch of crunchy suds on one side of my head.

Did it just get sexy in here?

But I can deal with that! I can! I just wasn't expecting this... looking in the mirror last night and seeing Ace Ventura staring back at me. I have hit the Pet Detective stage of hair growth.

Stefani Bishop
Stefani Bishop

Bonus Video - Ace Ventura Hospital Scene

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