Since starting my spending fast on March 1st, I have hit a few bumps.  Not MAJOR bumps, mind you, just a few things that I didn't factor in to my preparation before the fast began. I've finagled my way around them; borrowing what I need from friends, offering to do odd jobs in exchange for things, or even taking yarn donations (thanks, Heather, Zondra, and Kimberly), instead of using my allowance. But one giant bump could not be handled in such a Mark Twain-esque kind of way.

A few weeks ago my car's engine decided to cut out on me... on West Main, while I was doing about 45 mph. Fun! After an overnight at my mechanic, every last cent I saved in the month of March went in to that car repair. On one hand, it was the first time in my adult life I was able to pay for a major car repair with cash, but on the other hand, I couldn't help feeling like saving money was this sisyphean struggle for me. It seems like any time I get a healthy amount of money stashed away, I suddenly need it - all of it - for some sort of car or home repair, and I'm right back to where I started. This particular repair hit me especially hard because I was ONE paycheck away from being debt free.


One paycheck.

I will admit the defeatist in me declared, "Eff it, I'm getting a bottle of wine, and there's nothing anyone can say about it!" I mean, after all, I just shelled out HOW MUCH for my stupid car and it's stupid engine and stupid saving money is stupid!

I'm pretty sure William Shakespeare said that.

Anyway... after falling off the Savings Wagon to soothe my inner child's temper tantrum, I regrouped and I am so elated to say that as of twelve minutes ago, I am debt free. I could cry. In fact, I am crying. What started as a silly savings challenge has worked - and I'm only two months in.

So is this the death of my financial Sisyphus? Have I reached the top of the hill? Only time will tell.

Bonus Video: The Myth of Sisyphus

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