While the S. Westnedge Moe's will keep serving up Southwest food, the Stadium Drive location has permanently closed.

This is not the first and likely won't be the last Southwest Michigan restaurant that will not reopen after the Coronavirus-related shutdown ends. If it didn't mean real job loss for real people, it might be fun to joke about Moe's Southwest Grill on Stadium Drive closing. You can't eat at Moe's. The grill is gone. Say it ain't Moe!

MLive reports a sign in the window at 4206 Stadium Drive reads, “It’s tough for us to tell you that this location is permanently closed. We’re going to miss the good times we all had together.” For now, you can get taco kits, burritos, quesadillas, guac, nachos, stacks, salsas and Moe's famous queso to go at the remaining Moe's Southwest Grill at 6225 S. Westnedge in Portage.

This news follows the revelation that BraVo! Restaurant and Cafe will permanently close after 33 years on Portage Road. The state of Michigan has offered aid packages to small businesses, but we know things have been tough, and owners are doing what they can. Back on April 17, on the official Moe's Facebook page, franchise owners posted a "thank you" video promising to support their local communities.

While Moe's has locations all over the U.S., the individual burrito shops aren't owned by huge corporations, they are owned by local franchisees. And as members of local communities...are finding ways to give back.

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