Tons of photos and time-lapse video capture the 'Pure Michigan' beauty of the weekend's Northern Lights show.

It doesn't get any better than a night spent gazing at an amazing Aurora unless that is you also capture the phenomenon known as STEVE. This past weekend allowed many who would normally be unable to view the northern lights a rare opportunity. Not only were the numbers favorable for a moderate storm, but it fell on Friday and Saturday night when many are able to stay up later. This weekend's solar activity also happened to show at a respectable hour, well before midnight so there was no need to miss any sleep.

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The time-lapse video above was captured by photographer Tim Wenzel. Tim noticed the conditions were right and headed a mile from his home in Midland where the horizon was dark to the north. He could see with his naked eye that the horizon was brighter than normal and set up his camera in time-lapse mode. By 11:00 p.m. Saturday (3/13) the northern lights appeared to be flickering, something he has noticed before right before STEVE appears. How does Tim know about the right conditions for STEVE? Well, his photography work helped scientists confirm the existence of the phenomenon. While it has not been confirmed that STEVE made an appearance this past weekend, it very likely will be confirmed soon.

Many other photographers across the state were able to capture images of the northern lights as well as similar images of STEVE.  Check out the amazing photos captured across the state of the northern lights as well as the likely appearance of STEVE.

Great Lakes Northern Lights & STEVE

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