The pandemic has definitely led to the rise in cost of certain foods and lines of sanitizers... and led to a several lack of toilet paper... but if you haven't noticed, a few things have gone way down in price since all this began back in March. Don't believe me? When is the last time you drove passed the Shell on West Michigan Avenue and didn't get sticker shock... in a good way? I think it's $2.11 a gallon. Those are pre-2008 prices!Turns out our lack of spending during these last few months has effected more than just the price of gas.

According to a story from Fox 17, a report from found that there are a few things that are cheaper now than ever before, and these prices could actually make a big difference in the lives the Southwest Michiganders. I mean, sure on one of the items on the "cheaper than normal" list is clothing due to a drop is social opportunities, and that alone might not change someone's life, but they found mortgages are at an all-time low of 3%. I've even heard ads for local credit unions offering mortgages at that percentage with no money down. It's really weird to say "now's the time to get that house" in the middle of a pandemic, but this could be someone's chance at home-ownership.

Settling down not what you're looking for? Got a touch of wanderlust? Travel is cheaper right now, too. More people are opting to take a road trip while cruise lines are docked and less flights are going out, and cities that normally teem with tourists are seeing a serious drop in revenue. Thus hotels have lowered their prices in order to attract visitors. Now is the best time to go see the Biggest Ball of Twine. Go on, treat yo'self. In fact, head out on that road trip in a brand new car since they are also apparently cheaper than usual, specifically Hyundai and Kia who are offering zero percent financing on some vehicles.

There's got to be a silver lining, right? I know a lot of people who are taking the time during this pandemic to finally start their business, or get back in to a hobby. So, maybe 2020 is your year to finally get that house or drive Route 66. Gotta have some good stories from the plague, right?

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