Instagramer Matt Shirley asked his 389,000 followers which attraction is the absolute worst in the state they live in. Whether it's something that residents think is truly overrated, or it really just falls flat on it's face, Shirley was able to get data from every single state and determine (albeit not quiet as scientifically as some of these polls are conducted) each state's worst draw. Who's up for the most disappointing road trip ever? Hands? No? Moving on...

Not surprisingly to a lot of Michiganders, the one place they said was the worst tourist attraction was the famed Mystery Spot in St. Ignace. Advertised as "Fun Fun Fun" the Mystery Spot's lore began in the 50s, when a team of surveyors stated that they experienced equipment failure and light-headedness in one 300 foot diameter of the woods. From there, a series of visual illusions were built to prove the other-worldly forces at work - oh, and there's a maze, zip lines, mini golf, and (of course) a souvenir and gift shop, so you can take a little mystery home with you. The surveyor story could be total bunk, but the story has remained for 70 years that eerie things are afoot.

Reddit user zydrate posted a 12-minute video sharing the full tour of the Mystery Spot, which shows strange tricks of physics; standing here makes a very tall person look small, or climbing precariously on this tilted wall won't result in a fall. It's worth a watch.

Say what you want about the Mystery Spot being overrated, it really just looks like a wonderful place to take easily the kids. Nothing like seeing a child's eyes light up when they see something truly magical happen right before their eyes. I think if you keep that perspective, that it's really a destination for children and don't expect too much as an adult, it doesn't seem like it would make a "Worst Places" list, right? So if not the Mystery Spot, where else would you think is the worst attraction in Michigan?

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