Last year, Instagram user Matt Shirley asked his many followers to name the most overrated tourist attraction in the state in which they live. Not surprisingly for a lot of Michiganders, The Mystery Spot took the top prize in the Mitten. But there was bound to be disagreements on the issue. A few hands raised in confusion. And now, according to the worst tourist attraction in Michigan is Abandoned Acres Farm Haunted Attraction in Sparta.

It's not a giant ball of twine, or a replica of the world's largest pumpkin, so why would Abandoned Acres Farm Haunted Attraction make the lame list along with the more notable "meh" inducing sights? According to the website, quote:

...the Abandoned Acres Farm Haunted Attraction is a huge disappointment. And excuse us for picking nits, but if the Farm House is abandoned, who is charging for admission? And what on Earth does a circus theme have to do with corn mazes?


I suppose the word "haunted" didn't clue the author in to the fact that the clowns are meant to be scary, especially when chasing patrons through a corn maze. Methinks the writer imagines corn mazes are just for lovers in scarves and Ugg boots drinking hot apple cider while taking selfies with the caption #fallisforlovers.
It seems to me this writer may have never set foot on a "haunted" attraction and was just trying to find something - ANYTHING - from Michigan to complete their list.

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