One of the scariest things I can think of is the ground literally coming out from underneath me. It's why I wouldn't fare well in areas of the country prone to earthquakes. I like solid ground that isn't going anywhere.

Which is why I'm glad I wasn't at Three Cedars Farm in Novi the other night, as not only was the floor underneath a major party in the barn moving, but the ceiling of the shop underneath it, and you should see how hard its flexing in this video.

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Three Cedars Farm, actually in Northville, MI, is a popular place in the fall. It offers standard fall activities - Corn Mazes, Hayrides, pumpkin patches, apple picking, and a barn yard playland with a number of story book farm animals.

During the Fall especially, Three Cedars Farm get very busy, and hosts a number of parties. One of those party packages includes the "Big Barn," which lets people rent out the upper level of the big barn, and have a great time for around 130 people.

Well, the other night, someone was down in the shop below the party, and noticed that the joint upstairs was jumpin' and maybe a little TOO much.

@curlyhead.vibes Wont be long till it gives 😂 #fyp #notsafe #holloweenparty #holloweenstore ♬ Floor falling - Curlyheadvibes

Yeah, that spider on the ceiling was dancin' quite a bit for a stationary Halloween decoration. And credit to @curlyhead.vibes for standing underneath that floor as long as he did. I'd have been outta there and never looked back.

Thankfully, no major news came out about a collapse at Three Cedars Farm, so it doesn't seem that the floor caved in from the party upstairs, but man... I'm sure that's a lot closer than they even knew.

I'm not sure what song was playing upstairs at the time this video was shot, but I'm guessing after management saw this video, it was banned forever.

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