I’ve been saying for quite some time now that I feel that the holiday of Halloween in Michigan may be dying. My main philosophy behind this is when I witnessed my 17-year-old brother be turned away from trick or treating for apparently being too old. Regardless of its origins, this holiday was founded on the belief that kids and young adults could take one day where they didn’t focus on the struggles of life and just dressed up and went out and get candy.

Later in life, you either have children and can take them out and live vicariously through them, or not have children and just go to a bunch of Halloween parties and get smashed. But as an adult who is almost 40, there are a lot of factors that point me in the direction that this holiday will soon just be a reason to watch scary movies and dress up the house in a creepy manner, and trick-or-treating become extinct.

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What Happened To All The Kids Trick or Treating?

I had one small group of kids who came trick-or-treating to my house. Now granted, for the first time, at least in my life, it was snowing on Halloween. That may be because I grew up on the east side of the state, but it still blew my mind that on the morning of November 1. I had to scrape off my windshield.

It Snowed On Halloween In Kalamazoo In 2023

So the weather may have had something to do with it but I’m starting to see less and less Halloween decorations with every passing year. Why isn’t anybody trick-or-treating anymore? how is it that you can’t even entice people with free candy and get them to come out?

Trunk Or Treating More Popular

It seems Trunk-or-treating events are becoming more popular because they serve the same purpose, it's safer and altogether easier to schedule than different times for Halloween for different cities. To me, something is seriously wrong with the holiday, and may need some kind of pick me up to save it. Otherwise, I worry that neighborhoods at once a good amount of kids coming through will eventually become ghost towns for the tradition.

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This Battle Creek House Wins Halloween

It's a treat for the entire neighborhood. Tom Wood is playing clips from Halloween movies on the side of his family's house in Battle Creek

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