For the most part part, our outdoor Christmas decorations have always been very traditional and low key.  White icicle lights on the gutter in front and some on the dormer windows.  In addition, there will be an assortment of non-electric decorations on the porch but that's about it.  Elsewhere in the neighborhood you'll see things like the wire statue reindeer with the lights and, of course, the inflatable characters.  Well, there's a new character that just might change my mind and end up in my front yard.

I saw on that you can now get a life size inflatable Buddy The Elf from one of our favorite movies "Elf".  If I had to choose from all of the other inflatables for Christmas, this would certainly be the one.  I'm not saying I'm definitely going to do it.  I'm just saying.  However, if you definitely want to, Target is the place and you can get more information by clicking HERE.


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