Winter wears you down. I have a friend who very diligently looks for signs of Spring. For her, it's spotting that first robin of the season. If you're like me, all you are looking for is a sign of hope, and there are two things that do that for me. Pitchers and catcher reporting for Spring Training, and Oberon Day.

The baseball labor news is pretty grim this year and it doesn't look like major league pitchers and catchers will be reporting anytime soon due to a lockout. But a tweet from Bell's does remind us that Oberon Day is March 21st this year.

It'll be a different Oberon Day for sure this year, with founder Larry Bell having sold the brewery and retired. But I'm guessing he hasn't stopped drinking beer.'s our national holiday.

Sorry you lovers of Two-Hearted, Hopslam, Black Note and so many others (and I'm one of them), but do they have a day that is essentially a state holiday? I didn't think so.

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So while we suffer through some below zero windchills, let's focus our eyes on the prize. March 21st. And all the surrounding hoopla, too. The midnight tappings, the Oberon doughnuts, getting your first orange slice (and thus your first dose of vitamin C, since last March.)

Here's a quick reminder we live in a Covid world: Doors open at 11 am for Oberon Day at the Eccentric Cafe, and you will need a  "Clear Health App/vaccination card or a negative COVID-19 lab test (within the last 72 hours) required to enter."

There's also going to be a special toast with the new boss, Executive Vice President, Carrie Yunker, at Noon.

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