Bradley Delp of Rossford, Ohio spent four years building his dream castle on the Maumee River. The six-bedroom abode was going to be his final family luxury home. He finally completed it in 2007, but then just two years later, he and his family moved out.

Now, after letting it sit empty for more than a decade, Delp is ready to sell this crazy castle for the low low price of $2.59 million... which SOUNDS like a lot, but actually, it's half of what was spent to build the home.

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The three-story home has 18 rooms, including a home theater, cellar, and multiple home offices. Delp said the process took four years because they had to remove a home that already sat on the 1.17-acre plot.

Adding to the cost of the home, and Insider article says much of the furnishings in the home were custom made to fit the aesthetic of the home.

And Delp told Insider the design of most of the home was very purposefully picked.

"Old World architecture was something that always fascinated me. I went along with that theme and it ended up morphing into the castle."

So take a trip through Delp's home, and notice some of the old world architecture, but also take note of some of the modern touches (from a decade ago) that he added to certain rooms in the home.

Ohio Riverside Castle is a Bargain at $2.5 Million

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