Ohio... WTF!

I don't WANT to bash on you all the time. I've even written a few articles that paint the "Florida" of the Midwest in a pretty good light recently. But then you go and produce something like this, that IMMEDIATELY catapults you back down the ladder of society.

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Per an article I found - oddly enough - via a Florida news station, NBC-2 in Fort Myers...

"Two adults have arrest warrants, and another is in custody after deputies found a 3-year-old in a cge, and a 2-year-old holding a methamphetamine pip at a home in Ohio."

I mean.... WTF Ohio!

"The Hocking County Sheriff's Office detectives conducted a search warrant at the home pertaining to a sexual assault investigation.
When Authorities entered the home, they found the three-year-old locked inside a cage, which was secured with zip ties."

I refuse to write more about that kid, because it does get worse, mostly involving bugs, and soiled clothing and food. But let's get to that other 2-year-old in the house...

"A 2-year-old was found walking around the home holding a meth pipe."

Just... a toddler, walking around, holding a meth pipe... seems fine.

Thankfully, both kids were taken into emergency custody and foster care. Authorities said the parents had straight up left the children, and left the home due to the sexual assault investigation... they ABANDONED the home with the kids in it!

BUT WAIT... there's more!

"The grandmother, 61-year-old Ella Webb, was arrested and charged with endangering children, a 3rd degree felony."

So it was the GRANDMOTHER that was responsible for putting the kid in a cage, and giving a 2-year-old "My Little Meth Pipe?"

What awful, horrible people. I'm glad they got grandma, but unfortunately, the parents are still on the run. Franklin "TJ" Varney, 38, and Megan Smith, 25, are accused of endangering the children, and wanted.

And this is not one of those cases of, "If you turn yourselves in..." blah blah blah. Doesn't matter how they're caught, I hope they're prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law.

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