Getting an STD is something that everybody wants to avoid, yet sadly, many people are infected with them daily. This is precisely the reason why, no matter what you do with your personal life you make sure that you protect yourself and constantly stay on top of immunizations, and going to the doctor.

Unfortunately, there are two cities within Michigan that fall within the top 100 cities in the country. They have the most STDs according to a recent report from Inner Body isn’t the only one on this list as Indiana and Ohio also have cities that land within the top 100 as well. Here is what their findings discovered:

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How Were These Numbers Calculated?

According to their 6th annual study of STD rates:

Innerbody Research analyzed the latest statistics on a city-by-city basis and developed our list of the Top 100 cities with the highest STD rates. In this year’s report, the city with the highest STD rate was Memphis, TN, overtaking Jackson, MS, which moved to 2nd. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis top the list of most commonly reported new STD infections. While reported cases of chlamydia dropped by just over a percent since 2016, cases of gonorrhea and syphilis rose by 45% and 52%, respectively.


Results In The Top 100

#11-  Cleveland, OH: 1,038
#20- Indianapolis, IN: 950
#36- Dayton, OH:  


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