For starters, I think one of the best scenic drives in America is is my neighborhood when the trees canopy the road.  Unfortunately, it wasn't in the running this year.  Maybe next.  Once again, we are allowed to be subjective in our own neck of the woods but there are certainly some great drives in this spectacular country of ours that we can all agree on. Probably more than one is places like California, Colorado and Maine.  When you start thinking about it there's a lot of competition and you might not be surprised if Michigan didn't have a spot.  But we do.

The folks in the Travel Department at have compiled their list of the top scenic drives and the selection from Michigan can be found on the famous M-22.  The drive goes along the Lake Michigan shore in Manistee County and ends in Traverse City.  It's also one of the top "Fall" drives in the United States and explains why so many people have an M-22 sticker on their cars.  Check out the rest of the list by clicking HERE.

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