My first thought was REALLY?  One of the seven best in the world is right here in Kalamazoo?  Then I thought, well why not we've chronicled several "bests" in our town and in West Michigan.  Our craft beer, for instance has received national and international acclaim.   Maybe the problem is, we take things for granted or we don't know what we've got.  But let's be real here.  We're not talkin' the best in town or the best in the state or the best in the nation.  We're talkin' one of the seven best in the world!

According to, there are 7 coffee shops aside from Starbucks that are on another level in the world.  These establishments are found in cities like Paris, France, Oslo, Norway, Seoul, South Korea, Buenos Aires, Argentina and...wait for it...Kalamazoo, MI.  That's right!  Water Street Coffee on Oakland Dr. made their list of the best coffee shops in the world.   Here's what they had to say: "First of all, there are three Water Street Coffee locations in the Kalamazoo area, but the best one is on Oakland Drive. Only a few short miles away from the popular Western Michigan University campus, this swank cafe offers a sense of the 1940s with inspired architecture and an eclectic menu. The cafe au lait is creamy and vibrant, and their Sleeping Bear Mocha will send you to dark chocolate heaven. There’s a huge variety of teas made from locally sourced Michigan fruits and herbs, and tons of entrees to sink your teeth into if you’re in the mood to nosh."  Check out the rest of the world class locations by clicking HERE.

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