Earlier than Van Andel Arena, before 20 Monroe Live was downtown Grand Rapids, back when the Intersection was in Eastown, the Orbit Room was the place to see a show. These are the ones I remember from back in the day.

I've always loved going to live shows. The first major concert I saw- the one I chose to spent my money on, was Judas Priest at Wings Stadium. Kalamazoo was a big trip for a kid who grew up in Holland. Ever since then I've been road-tripping and  spending my hard-earned cash on that magical you-had-to-be-there-anything-can-happen live experience.

Although I hadn't been there in years, I was sad to hear of the sudden closing and likely demise of the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids. From the early days of Club Eastbrook, it was a fun place to experience a show. These were some of my favorites:

  • Dream Theater- It was 1993 and they were incredible. What I most remember, though, is Doug Pinnick of the opening band making eye contact with everyone in the first 10 rows- this King's X fan included.
  • Billy Squier/Aldo Nova- It was so damn loud you couldn't tell what song either one was playing until they got to the chorus (and I know these songs).
  • Social Distortion- Mike Ness is everything.
  • Arc Angels- Charlie Sexton on Guitar along with Doyle Bramhall II from Fabulous Thunderbirds and Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section. I wish these guys would have put out more than 1 record. Sass Jordan opened- anybody remember her?
  • I had a great date for Jack's Mannequin and Matt Nathanson talked about everyone getting drunk and going to the strip club (Sensations?) after the show.

That's all I can recall, but I'm sure I was at more shows than this that I can't remember- it was the 90s and I was drinking a lot. Share your favorite memories of Club Eastbrook/The Orbit Room in the comments below.

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