It's hard to imagine that the original owner still has the first Mustang ever sold.  It's also hard to imagine that the owner's last name isn't Ford. The last name of the owner of the first Mustang is actually Wise.  How appropriate since they were wise enough to buy it and  wise enough to hang on to it.  My first thought was how much is that thing worth?The Lansing State Journal found out and passed along some really cool info.  Gail Wise from Park Ridge, ILL bought the first Mustang on April 15,1964 and drove it for 15 years.  One day it just stopped running and instead of trading it in or junking it, her husband Tom stored it vowing to someday restore it.  He did, keeping it original, and now it's worth almost $400,000.  By the way, the sale price back in 1964 was $3,447.50.  Not a bad investment huh?  Checkout some of the pictures and other cool tidbits by clicking HERE.

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