Seriously? Ohio State University, the pride of Columbus, Ohio, has won the right to trademark the word "the" ahead of its name, as in The Ohio State University. A lot of the same emotions come to mind as when The OSU first proposed to do this a few years back. Things like, what a bunch of conceited ******, and disappointment with Ohio University, which you'd think is THE University of Ohio, but Noooo. Take a look at the picture above. It's (THE) Ohio Stadium. The entrance looks like a holy house of worship, which makes sense, since it appears The Ohio State University worships itself.

I know its just a cheap, well, not cheap, but a marketing ploy to sell red and gray junk to unsuspecting people with money to blow on red and gray junk. Fans of the semi-pro team from Columbus, Ohio, love it. The rest of us hate it and make derisive remarks about it.

One thing I learned today was the battle wasn't been the pride of Columbus and other sports schools, it was between the Buckeyes and fashion designer Marc Jacobs. First reaction to that? Red and Grey-how gauche. The school from Columbus claims it mostly to distinguish itself from the two other schools with the initials OSU, Oklahoma State and Oregon State. Though that doesn't make any sense, as none of those school refer to themselves as The OSU, it's The Ohio, Or maybe The Oklahoma or The Oregon, and none of those sound like Ohio.

What it really spotlights is the ago old claims about college athletics and amateurism. It's about money. It's always about money.

This Ohio House For Sale Is A Giant Doll House

I'm not one to judge, but when I saw this house for sale on Zillow it instantly gave me creepy vibes and at the same time, made me feel like I was looking at a house made for someone who likes to dress up as baby.

A Real Life Hobbit Hole For Sale In Ohio

The house is located at 620 Vancouver Dr, Westerville, OH 43081 and the owner is looking for cash offers near $350,000. You can check out some of the photos of this place below. It's actually quite nice, but as The Hobbit tells us, that's to be expected...

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