One thing we all know is the first Super Bowl was won by the Green Bay Packers January 15, 1967.  I was 6 years old at the time and, although my dad told me we watched the game together, I don't really have any recollection of the game.  Fact is, I don't remember watching the 2nd Packers Super Bowl win with him either.  I really only remember the Jets and Joe Willie winning the next year.  So I had to wait to "remember" a Packers Super Bowl win until 1997.

There have been some crazy things happen in the course of the Super Bowl era and the one form Super Bowl 1 is one of my Top 10 Favorites.

10. Super Bowl 20-  The Bears Super Bowl Shuffle- It SUCKED!!!

9. Superbowl 4- President Nixon Drew up a play for the Dolphins- Shula didn't use it.

8.  Super Bowl 16-  The first use of the "Telestrator"- John Madden had the honor.

7. Super Bowl 21- The first Gatorade shower-  Bill Parcells was the victim.

6.  Super Bowl 1- Max McGee plays and stars with no sleep and a massive hangover.

5.  Super Bowl 17-  Referee Jerry Markbreit blew the coin toss before the game.

4.  Super Bowl 26- Thurman Thomas couldn't find his helmet.

3.  Super Bowl 39-  Donovan McNabb repeatedly pukes through his facemask.

2.  Super Bowl 47-  The power went out at the Super Dome In New Orleans.

1.  Super Bowl 38-  2 words.... Janet Jackson

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