Sharon Osbourne said the biopic about husband Ozzy Osbourne will surprise fans who think they know what they’re going to get.

The work remains at an early stage, even  though she’s been trying to make it happen for 20 years, and Ozzy himself has accepted that he had very little to do with it.

“People thought I was insane trying to get a movie done on Ozzy,” Sharon told the Los Angeles Times in a new interview. She added that she’s been “unimpressed” by attempts to depict his story without any real “insight” into the Osbourne family’s lives. “Our story is a love story, and it happens that he’s a musician,” she said. “We’re working in our own quiet way, doing our own thing on that. It’s totally different to what anybody would think.”

Ozzy earlier confirmed the movie was “in the pipeline” but added, “Don’t ask me anything about it. My family are involved, and I said to my wife, ‘Good luck.’ To get my three kids to agree on one thing, you’ve got to get up really early in the morning.”

The video for Ozzy's recent single “Under the Graveyard” tells the story about a moment in 1979 when he experienced a drug-fueled meltdown in a hotel and is saved by Sharon, who arrives to help him. The Los Angeles Times reported it's “a depiction Osbourne doesn’t fully endorse, but it suggests a vivid rock ’n’ roll tale to be told.”

“My wife’s been special,” the singer said. “Thirty-eight years we’ve been married this year. I nearly lost her a few times. But you learn by your mistakes. We stuck together and it’s good. I’m dying to find the person who wrote, ‘And they all lived happily ever after,’ because it’s a lie. But it’s also a pretty boring existence: ‘Happily ever after.’”


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