Recently there was yet another car accident in front of the Paw Paw High School, as one concerned citizen made people aware of, and the demand for a stop light or traffic light in those areas is becoming a stronger topic of discussion. The accident occurred the morning of Monday, November 21st, as the man expressed his anger with these re-occurring events:

Another horrible three car accident in front of Paw Paw high school this morning! It happened right in front of me! When are people going to get a clue that there needs to be a traffic light in front of Paw Paw high school!?

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Not The Only Light Needed

There are those in the community who seem to agree with the gentleman, even suggesting that there are more places in the city that also need traffic lights and monitoring for speeders:

What ticks me off is 25 cars flying past me at 50 mph in a 25 mph school zone with lights flashing on the side of the road. Just as bad, if not worse are those <explative deleted> drivers who blow past a stopped school bus with flashing red lights deployed.

One of the women who spoke up's husband was involved in the crash, and luckily wasn't seriously hurt:

Pretty sure all 3 vehicles are totaled. My fiancé was in the truck. I just brought him into the ER cause he’s got a headache and his left ear is bleeding. He was even going 37 (Life360 app confirms his speed). People just being impatient pulling out of the school per usual. He has a mild concussion, some bruising on his left hip, slight hearing loss (from airbag impact) in his left ear, and some surface scratches on his left ear & scalp most likely from the airbag as well. Thankfully he’s doing well now.

I'm not sure how you'd bring this up but I imagine a school board meeting or going to city hall would be a good first step.

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