I saw a post that really had me wondering about the legality of taking the matter of speeding drivers into your own hands. We all know that speeding is an issue, especially in neighborhoods that can, in a way, act as a cut-through for drivers maneuvering around major streets that get clogged up with traffic.

So they'll cut through the subdivision to try and shave some time off their commute, pressing their luck by going a bit faster than they should. But what if you placed your own personal speed bump on the road here in Michigan? Would this act be illegal or would it be considered dangerous for other drivers and pedestrians? That's what many people are asking about a similar situation that happened in a Long Lake Twsp group:

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Not A Good Idea

The idea of placing your OWN speed bump on a public road not only seems illegal but it can also be a hazard. Many people chimed in with their takes on the matter:

No. No private person can install anything in a roadway. Is it legal to install my own speed bump in Michigan? No, you can't simply place your own speed bump on public roads in Michigan. In fact, anything placed in the roadway can become the property of the local municipality that maintains those roads.
Another issue some are seeing with this particular speed bump is that apparently, it isn't even secured to the ground, so if someone drives over it, it kicks up and causes damage, the one who placed it is liable for the damages.
I agree that if we all slowed down and drove the speed limit, these speed bumps would become less necessary. People don't get that doing that extra 10 over will literally only get them to their destination seconds sooner.
Be safe out there.

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