Create some wonderful Christmas Memories with your pet and Santa.

Crossroads Mall in Portage just announced not one but six times that you can bring your fur baby to the Mall to have their photo taken with Santa!

Pet Night

  • November 12th  5 PM - 8 PM
  • November 19th  5 PM - 8 PM
  • November 26th  5 PM - 8 PM
  • December 3rd  5 PM - 8 PM
  • December 10th  5 PM - 8 PM
  • December 17th  5 PM - 8 PM

Bring your paws to see the Claus and have your pet photos taken with Santa at this special event. Domestic animals only. Pet owners are responsible for their pet's safety and the safety of others. All pets must be on a leash or contained in a cage. Please clean up after your pet.

Taking your pet to a public place like a mall, were there are other animals, strangers, and strange smells. That's why put together a great list of things you need to know when talking your fur baby to see the

Put Yourself in Your Pet’s Paws: The holiday craze can be overwhelming, especially for your pet. With crowds flocking to shopping malls and people dressing up in various costumes, it’s not unusual for pets to be a little intimidated by the masses and overwhelmed by all of the Christmas spirit. If the environment is too stressful for your furry friend, think about calling stores ahead of time to check when lighter crowds are to be expected. You can also giving some calming treats to your pet beforehand to reduce any anxiety he may experience.

Familiarize Your Pet With Strangers: Have people that your pet doesn’t know stop by for a visit and have them give your pet lots of their favorite treats to start the process of familiarization; this will help make the entire Santa pet photoshoot encounter go smoother.

Dress Your Pet to Impress: Though it’s not necessary that your pet get all dolled up to see Santa, it may be fun to get your pup into a festive mood by dressing him in a holiday-themed collarcozy knit sweater or a pair of reindeer ears! Plus, a special outfit is guaranteed to make you and your close ones smile every time you look back at your pet pictures with Santa.

Take a Walk to Calm the Nerves: Sometimes the best way to get your pet to obey is to take a long walk. This will help relax and tire out your furry friend to make sure he’s calm and relaxed for the big meeting with Santa.

Get Your Pet’s Attention: Candid photos are cute, but so are those big, puppy dog eyes we like to see in our pet photos. To get your faithful friend to pose perfectly and look at the camera, try using a noisemaker. Nothing will get your pet’s attention like a squeak or crinkle from his favorite toy.

A Few Other Tips (think of Santa's needs)...

  • Make sure your pets nails are trimmed
  • A freshly groomed pet is always nicer to hold
  • Enjoy the moment

Another thing that could be really helpful to pet owners is that you can call ahead and make reservations for your photo session! This way your pets stress is less and the experience will be more fun!

Can't wait to see your pet photos!

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