Is it me or are phone scams becoming more elaborate?  I wanted to say clever but I don't want to give the scammers any credit.  What ever happened to the simple: "Is your refrigerator running?...  Unfortunately, there's nothing funny about these scams.  Grandparents are getting bilked out of thousands of dollars, people are being told to send pre-paid cards to keep the IRS from knocking down their door and the list goes on an on.  So what's the latest phone scam?

In an article on, iPhone users are getting unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from Apple Support.  Apparently, their goal is to get iCloud information much like the old-school scammers looking for bank account or credit card information.  Just like the IRS would not call, Apple Support doesn't make unsolicited calls to it's users unless there is a request.  The scammers are looking for login information a lot like the email scammers.  Be mindful.


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