Oh you scoundrelly land lovers beware, there's a pirate ship heading to Mackinac Island and there's not a bloody thing you can do about it. Arrrrggghhhh.

According to MLive, there is pirate ship by the name of The Good Fortune that will be a part of the Star Line ferry fleet that makes five trips a day between Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island.

There are even evening family friendly pirate cruse that are offered plus there are also adult only cruises available that are called the Nauti Pirate Cruise and you can byob to catch a buzz and a sunset.

If you are looking to get to the island quickly, then The Good Fortune may not be for you. If you and the kids are looking to play a few pirate games and have fun with the ships all pirate crew, then this is ship for you.

This ship is meant for kids and that is why the captain takes it slow so they have time to enjoy the ship and let their imaginations run wild.

After seeing the impact the ship had on kids when The Good Fortune was docked a couple years ago near the Star Line fleet, the company decided to buy the ship last year and add it to the fleet.

The Good Fortune is not a local ship by any means, it was originally built in Alabama. The ship was used in Florida as a pirate themed cruise before moving north.

If you are looking to book a cruise on The Good Fortune just click right here for the details.  

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