When PJ Fleck left West Michigan University for the head coaching job at University of Minnesota, everyone wondered what would happen to the “Row The Boat” mantra that Fleck had made so prominent.

Even at his first press conference after taking the head football coach job at University Of Minnesota, he talked about wanting to take the phrase with him.  But as of early January, Fleck still hadn't reached out to WMU about acquiring the phrase, since they hold the intellectual rights to it.

Well, He has now asked for it officially and as of this week the WMU Board of Trustees met and decided let Fleck take the mantra.  Western Michigan University trustee William Johnston told Mlive that lawyers for WMU and Fleck were working out the terms to release the phrase.

There’s still no official announcement, as they are still negotiating the terms, but according to officials, the phrase is as good as gone.

It makes sense that Fleck keeps the phrase after it’s meaning was revealed

Row the Boat was coined by Fleck after him and his first wife, Tracie, lost their son, Colt, shortly after birth due to a heart condition. The saying served as a tool to help Fleck through his loss.




source: MLIVE

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