Every team has die-hard fans, and in the state of Michigan, there's no shortage on those. Michigan State Basketball, Michigan Football, the Lions, Red Wings... and... I guess the Tigers, too. (Sadly no Pistons fans could be found to comment this season.)

But those aren't the only teams in the state, and Western Michigan Football's biggest fan had his day on the field with the team this past season.

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This is Ryan. He's 16 years old, and the biggest fan of the Western Michigan Broncos' Football team. He watches every single game every season.

For the longest time, he has wanted to be on the field with his team, and during this past season, he got his opportunity.

@Cranberryjuice4life posted a video of Ryan's day back in November on TikTok this past week, and clearly, he was having the time of his life. And we can confirm this, because Ryan's mom, Benita, replied to Western's facebook post about the day.

"This was his BEST DAY EVER!! Thank you WMU! Proud Bronco Mom!!!"

The day started with Ryan thinking they were going to a game, but instead his family secretly arranged time on the field with the team during a practice. He quickly realized the stands were empty, and they took him right down to the sidelines where he met the coaching staff, and even got to be part of the end of practice breakdown with Coach Lance Taylor.

"Sixteen years old, he watches every single game, and in his free time, he watches old games on Youtube. He Probably watches more film than some of us.
It's because he loves it, he cares about it. Win, Lose, or Draw, He's with the Broncos."

Unfortunately, one of his requests was for the team to beat Bowling Green at the end of the season, but we know now, that didn't quite happen. However, he did have a second wish. He loves watching the team run out of the tunnel, and wanted to lead them onto the field.

So, coach granted his wish, and the team rallied behind him as they charged onto the turf at Waldo.


@cranberryjuice4life Go broncos! (Ignore my mediocre editing skills) #football #downsyndrome #wholesome ♬ Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

This upcoming season, you can bet that Ryan will be watching, either from the stands, or from home, just like he always does, and from now on, he can feel like he's right back down on the field, running out of that tunnel with his Broncos.


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