1077 RKR invites you to the 21st annual Bad Back Golf Party Monday June 18th at Pineview Golf Club in 3 Rivers.  Get your 4-some together and get ready to call the boss and tell him you’re not coming in cuz it’s your friggin’ back.  The Bad Back finally turns 21 and is now legal to drink.. Well that's a relief!!!  There’s the Heckle Hole, the Fred Taylor Drunk Driving Hole, the Big A-Hole, the Toilet Hole and more of your favorites.  For the 21st year in a row it’s still only $65 per person for golf, the cart, great food from Q-It-Up and a chance at thousands of dollars in prizes.  And remember, you don't have to know how to play golf.  In fact, it may be better if you don't.  So do yourself and your team a favor and get in early in case this thing sells out.  There's 2 ways to get your team in.  Pick one below and we'll see you on June 18th at Pineview.




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