I stumbled on an article recently that had my head spinning as I found out about a car that was made in the 80s only for Japan by Plymouth, that went under the name, The Dodge Michigan. The weird thing about this vehicle is that there is very little information on it, with only a few articles written about it.

The mystery of this car continues to unravel, as this vehicle was only sold in Japan in the mid-80s, but the story gets even crazier as one author gives their take on the vehicle:

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Everything about this car confuses me. It is a [K-Car], sold by Chrysler under the Dodge name, and it’s called, the Michigan. I just love the idea that Michigan was maybe considered an exotic name to folks in the Japanese branch of the automaker. Also, the Michigan was only available in Japan, despite Michiganders being so obsessed with their weird state that they would have bought boatloads of these.

Can You Spot The Anime

As if this obscure car wasn't enough to make you want to do a deep dive, the car itself was actually featured in a popular Anime called City Hunter ( SEE THE PHOTO HERE).

Incredibly, there is no footage of the actual scene where "Michigan" appears on the car that I could find on YouTube, so for now the screenshot of the episode is the best we can do getting to learn more about this vehicle.

Was It Even Real?

Here's what trips me up about this: There is no proof that these actually existed. At least in the physical sense. I haven't seen one video of this car, only screenshots from an Anime and pictures from a brochure, so it begs the question: Did these even REALLY exist?

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