Get ready for the most excitement you'll probably see all week in one video. Someone was quick enough to grab a video of a wild police chase that began in Calhoun County on Tuesday and lasted over an hour long. The chase led to the driver in question being chased through the community of Charlotte, where someone pulled out their phone and captured the madness, as one person commented on the situation:

That chase went on for an hour and started in Calhoun county then he came and ran all through Hastings then out towards Nashville then back into Hastings then out to Bellevue the cops did what they were supposed to he also stole the truck and committed the armed robbery to get it! He was a public safety hazard!! The cops did what they are trained and what they should’ve done!

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All in all, the driver, who was eventually caught was apparently being chased by 6 county police cruisers, 3 city cars, and 3 different Michigan State Police departments. Eventually, they were able to lay a spiked strip on M-79 and apprehend the suspect, but this video is pretty insane to see unfold as another resident who was caught in the crossfire of the chase described:

That's my van in the clip when it appears the fleeing subject truck decided to veer right toward me - until the Sheriff's Office vehicle pushed it away from me and to the left, preventing me from getting smashed and possibly pushed forward into Trinity Hall's stopped vehicle. I am recommending a Commendation Award to the deputy/deputies for BRAVERY, COURAGE, AND QUICK THINKING for diverting the subject truck away from me and to the left. THANK YOU!

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