Billboards are usually a great way to advertise your product. Literally thousands of people can get a good glimpse at any product you have to offer, which allows for a good reach. Well last saturday night, drivers on I-75 near M-59 in Auburn hills, MI got a good glimpse of something that should never be on the digital billboard. Somehow, around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, pornography was playing on one of the billboards.  Auburn Hills Police Department is still trying to figure out how it got up there to begin with, and that the company who operates the billboard, Outfront Media, previously CBS Outdoor, took the video down once they discovered what was playing, according to

Dr. Justin Kammo was one of the drivers who saw the porn playing, and expressed his shock and shock of drivers around him, saying: "You don’t see that everyday. You could kind of see people started to brake a lot behind me, cause I think they were doing the same thing, like a double take. I assumed someone had hacked it right away."


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