Sure we make jokes about the Millenials and the i Generation right behind them.  They're spoiled, unmotivated, everybody gets a trophy.  The truth is, hope springs and hearts  warmed by several efforts to affect change.  We lament that the future will fall into incapable hands but every now and then we are reminded that we were once them and hope they will do better than we did.

Such is the case with the annual Breadlift executed for several decades by Portage Northern and in recent years joined by Portage Central.  As Portage Northern senators Sara Headapohl and Kennedi Stinnette explained this morning, the process is simple.  300 Northern and Central students will be out en mass in Portage starting at 10am tomorrow (11/17) knocking on doors asking for donations for the March of Dimes in exchange for bread.  In the event you don't have cash you can text to Breadlift at 919-99 select an amount and designate what school you'd like to give credit. This way you can keep the rivalry alive and keep babies alive at the same time.


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