Sure a lot of classic rock acts have set out on their final tours only to head back to the studio and declare that it ain't over, yet. Motley Crue has done it. KISS has done it more than once. At least The Eagles were honest when they called their comeback tour "Hell Freezes Over." But I'm certain that when Bob Seger says "I'm done, you guys," he means it, and his fans believe it, making his November 21st show at Van Andel sold out in near record time. What's that? You didn't get tickets? Well, a little birdie told me that there are three pairs of tickets up for grabs. Just listen to the Rocker Morning Show next Monday, November 19th, Tuesday, November 20th, and Wednesday, November 21st. Mike and Stefani will play once Seger song each morning. Be caller 17 at (269) 978-1077 and you'll win two tickets to that sold-out show. Good luck!

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