We've tried to keep up to date on the legal marijuana issue ever since it became legal last November.  Many were surprised and discouraged that they weren't immediately able to buy weed from a licensed location.  Like most big changes there will be some baby steps along the way.  But what has bothered proponents most is the push back and resistance from communities and politicians.  There may, however, be a change in the tide...the key word being change as in money.

Even before the referendum, people for and against saw legalization as a revenue generator for the State of Michigan but it seemed that the opportunity would be ignored for the sake of so called propriety and just plain refusal due to the nature of the product.  Well now, according to an article on deadlinedetroit.com, it seems that more than a few opponents in the political realm have had a change of heart and now see the upside of all the potential revenue acquisition.  For instance, there are some who have gone from regulating the industry to lobbying for clients who make up the industry.  Perhaps the ice is melting this Spring and more momentum will build toward general acceptance.  Read more about the change by clicking HERE.

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