It's pretty basic, just like alcohol - in short, don't be stupid.

December 6th, recreational marijuana officially becomes legal in the state of Michigan per last month's election. Commercial sales won't be regulated and likely begin until 2020, so you'll still need a medical card to purchase it until then.

But you CAN grow it yourself and give it to others who are over 21. Basically, here are the rules:

You CAN: 

  • smoke if you're over 21
  • grow your own weed
  • possess up to 10 oz
  • smoke in your own home


  • smoke in public
  • sell the weed you grow yourself
  • smoke in your home if your landlord doesn't allow it
  • drive high/go to work high

So, again, it's basic "be a grown-up about this" rules. The state has to write a ton of regulations to sell it recreationally, so for now, this is the deal. Enjoy your ganja!

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