Remember when we used to say "count to 10 before you press send"?  Somehow that reasoning doesn't apply in the social media world we live in now.  Frankly, it doesn't just apply to social media.  More and more people are saying whatever comes to mind and not thinking before speaking.

But hey, that's freedom of speech right?  Not always.  Many more than ever forget that freedom of speech doesn't mean you can say whatever you want.  In what seems innocent to do in these crazy times you can't holler fire in a theater with no fire as an example.

The thing that worries me the most is how angry everyone is and that there is no gray area anymore; no seeing both sides of an issue.  It's "The Highway" as in my way or the highway.  So basically when I heard about this Facebook post, I was actually surprised it was sent by mistake.

So Carl Nelson, the owner of the Pronto Pup in Grand Haven, thought he was posting on his personal page and instead posted on the business Facebook  page.  Here's a portion...

Pronto Pup Facebook rant

But that's not all.  He really got into hot water by mentioning painting "White Lives Matter" on Washington Street saying the BLM movement has nothing to do with racism but is simply a political democratic ploy.

After considerable backlash he deactivated the page and issued an apology.  Subsequently, other owners of Pronto Pups in the area have tried to distance themselves from Carl and his Pronto Pup franchise.

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