A night out can get expensive, but what if you got paid? You could win copious cash on pull tab games at these Kalamazoo-area bars and restaurants.

Are you superstitious? They say that when your palm itches it could mean money is coming your way. Did you know it makes a difference which palm? An itchy left palm means money is coming into your life, but if it is your right, it could cost you. So, when you want to satisfy that itch to gamble and you're feeling lucky but a trip to one of the casinos isn't in the cards, you can scratch it not with a quarter, but tear into some fun with pull tab games.

Michigan Lottery has 39 different games available to play right now, with names ranging from the on-the-nose "$1,00,000 Big Money," "$2,00,000 Loaded," and "Cash Madness," to the animal-inspired "Rowdy Roosters," "When Pigs Fry," and "My Hammy Vice." Tickets cost $.50, $1 or $2 and top prizes range from $3,000-$15,000.

You can research the games on the official Michigan State Lottery site, and there are a number of YouTube channels where all you do is watch other people play. It's more satisfying to tear into the fun yourself, so here are some of the bars and restaurants the folks in the Kalamazoo Menu Facebook group say you will find pull tab games in and around Kalamazoo.

  • Airway Lanes
  • Big T in Lawton
  • Burger Town on Shaver
  • Fletcher's Pub
  • Jac's- 9th Street, Oshtemo, Portage
  • Jaspare's Pizza on Gull Rd
  • Long Lake Tavern
  • Louie's Trophy House
  • Main Street Pub
  • McGonigle's Irish Pub on East Main
  • Miller's Time Out in Battle Creek
  • Richland Pub
  • RJ's
  • Rugger's Up & Under
  • Wings Etc
  • Zebs

You can also find pull tab games at many local VFW's, Moose lodges, Eagles, and other civic clubs. These charity pull tabs are regulated by Michigan Lottery, but are different from the other 39 games.

Do you think nobody really wins or wonder where the money goes? "Michigan Lottery contributed over $1.179 billion to the state of Michigan School Aid Fund in fiscal year 2020. More than 61% of Lottery sales are paid back to players as prizes. In the last ten years alone, players have won over $18.7 billion."

A friend of mine had a nice hit at the Marshall Moose Lodge, his buddy hit twice, and they had a combined win that bought new snow tires for his truck to make his first winter trip to Tahquamenon Falls.

Good luck!

Photo: Bill Burns
Photo: Bill Burns

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