Evil Dead is one of the most celebrated horror franchises of all time. Fans of the series are rejoicing, now that we know there’s a way forward for the movies. Not only has the upcoming Evil Dead Rise been receiving rave reviews during test screenings and a preview at the South By Southwest Film Festival, but there’s news of many more entries to come. While a lot of horror franchises tend to lose steam when their major creative forces take a backseat, there are only so many things that can happen here.

Bruce Campbell is iconic as Ash in the Evil Dead franchise. He’s charismatic, tough as nails, and an excellent physical comedian to boot. The only problem is, he’s 64, and he may have some trouble pulling off the stunts he did earlier in his life. That being said, it isn’t the end of Campbell’s involvement.

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He spoke with The AV Club recently to explain that he, Sam Raimi, and Raimi's brother Ivan are going to be working on the franchise from behind the scenes in the future.

I think the stories will progress a little more now. We’re going to try and do them more like every two or three years rather than every 10 years. It’s also the first time Sam is working with his brother Ivan to create an overall Bible that will give future writers and directors an idea of where this thing should go next to potentially tie in some of these stories. So I think it’s going to get a little more tied in as the years go by. But because it’s all about the books. It could be a book in the past, a book in the future. It’s yet to be determined.

Evil Dead Rise is coming to theaters on Friday, April 21.

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