One of the greatest cult classic horror films of all time, Evil Dead, now appears to have a Bollywood version that has surfaced. Evil Dead was partly filmed in the Detroit Metro area and stars Western Michigan University Alumni Bruce Campbell and was filmed by Sam Raimi who is also from Michigan.

If you don't know the greatness by now, the film is about a group of friends who go to spend a weekend alone in the middle of the woods in an abandoned cabin, naturally. They discover a book bound in human flesh and inked in blood and play a tape that contains a professor who discovered the book reading incantations that cause demons to rise and take over the bodies of all the kids, except Campbell's character, Ash.

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This Bollywood version, named Back Ke Zara is damn near line for line and has the exact same setup and plot as the original, with an even lower budget, if you can believe that. I love some of the reactions that are coming from the Bruce Campbell Memes page on this one:

There's gotta be a point in the film where the deadites all jump into a big choreographed song and dance routine

I can't wait to sit down and enjoy this for the masterpiece I already know that it's gonna be. This just reminds me of the amazing Indian version of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Golimar walked so Back Ke Zara could run. Gimmie some curry sugar baby.

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