How is it that the only living founder and the VOICE of the band Rare Earth, which was founded in Detroit, isn't allowed to use the band's name for touring? It's an annoying, frustrating, and confusing situation that Rare Earth Drummer and Lead Vocalist Peter Rivera finds himself in, as a still-touring artist from the once-signed Motown band.

Get Ready, Hey Big Brother, Losin You, Born to Wander, and I Just Want to Celebrate are all tracks you'd recognize his voice from, and considering he's the only founding member still alive, he IS Rare Earth, unfortunately, according to him, lawyers disagree with him...

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One of the deceased members had trademarked the name. I have asked for permission to use it as I am older and would love to be able to use the name that I was part of creating. No luck! I was the lead singer/drummer on all of the “hits” of Rare Earth. When I look to the booking agents for shows, they tell me that my name (Peter Rivera) is not known enough to bring an audience. They aren’t familiar with me. They say I was hidden within the Rate Earth group. They go on to say that lots of fans from the 70s have passed. I'M NOT DONE YET!


What Can He Do?

It seems that the band Rare Earth, which Rivera left in '83, still tours even though there are no original ban members remaining.

The only thing Peter can do is continue to appeal the decision and try to gain the right to the name.

As far as bookers are concerned, I don't know who WOULDN'T want to book him. He's the voice of Rare Earth and as far as I'm concerned, one of the main reasons I fell in love with the band. If Mr. Rivera ever wants to play Kalamazoo, we'll get him set up with the right people.

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