If you know me, then you know red pandas are my kryptonite.  Nothing softens me faster than a video of those adorable little scamps playing, frolicking, generally rolling around...

Just the thought of them melts my cold dead heart.

Nothing has hardened my heart more than the mudslinging during this campaign season.  I feel like it's been going on forever, and you just can't escape it.  "She's a crook!... he's a liar!... voting Third Party is throwing away your vote!..." etc.  If only someone could use the power of the red panda to help us through today, Election Day 2016.

But, wait!  What's this?  The San Francisco Zoo is doing just that, and we thank them for their important work. From 1:00-2:00 this afternoon, you can tune in to a live stream of the three red pandas they have in their keep. Enjoy the prancing, rollicking, and general whimsy that can only come from these adorable little nuggets of sunshine.

I feel better already.

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